Teppanyaki is a Japanese concept of cooking Western-influenced food on a high temperature flat griddle placed right in front of diners and cooked by our experienced and friendly chefs.

Our Teppanyaki presents an aromatic and delectable selection of seafood and beef, including the much sought after Wagyu beef, specially air flown from Japan. We offer a range of Teppanyaki sets that are catered to our individual customer’s preferences. For seafood lovers, we have our Seafood Deluxe Set ($95). For those who want the best of both worlds, we offer a Beef & Lobster set with a choice of four different cuts of beef.

Indulge in our “All you can Eat” Teppanyaki Buffet Lunch, priced from $49.90++ (please refer instore for more details). For this price, we offer a variety of appetizers such as our freshly air flown salmon sashimi as well as prawn and shisamo tempura to whet your appetite and leave you wanting more. Our main course boast a selection of meat and seafood, cooked to perfection the way you like it, as well as rice dishes and mixed vegetables.

True to its reputation, Shima has dedicated a large part of its restaurant to Teppanyaki dining that can sit about 45 diners. Coupled with the appropriate décor of dark wood interior and marbled table tops, the restaurant emits a warm and cozy ambience for that homely feeling. A truly relaxing restaurant that combines traditional values and culture with modern décor and operational processes, giving diners an invaluable experience they will cherish after each visit.


Sashimi is often the first course in a formal Japanese meal and at Shima, we offer the finest and freshest sashimi, air flown from Tokyo’s Tsukiji markets every week, to whet your appetite before your Teppanyaki meal or as a Main Dish. Our sashimi presentation truly represents the Japanese cultural appreciation of subtlety in their food.

In sushi, the tastiest vinegared rice, topped by a variety of fillings, toppings, condiments are prepared by our experienced sushi chefs with a touch of passion and creativity. You can decide among others, our range of Sushi Moriawase (assorted raw fish), or a combined Sushi-Sashimi Omakase from our Chef’s Signature Selection.


For those busy working professionals, who desire a quick but satisfying lunch, Shima offers a number of Executive Bento Sets, served in beautifully crafted lacquer boxes with a selection of appetisers, main dish, side dish and dessert.

For an authentic taste of Japan, try our Koshihikari Rice Set with Sashimi which includes traditional ingredients such as fermented soybeans. Our Sushi Soba set that comes with a range of assorted sushi and hot soba noodles with wakame and vegetables provide a wholesome meal for customers.


Great food comes with great sake and wine. At Shima, we have a wide selection of premium quality Japanese sake, shochu and wine to complement our eclectic menu.